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First is . here you can make a good profit. its kinda easy to tell a pattern. also you can tip on this website. if you ask in chat then you'll probably get some. (use my referral in the bold link to get a $1 bonus)

second one is you have probably heard about this one. basically its a case website and you can get real items. the best way to win good on this website is to make a case battle with a bot and do crazy mode. (use my referral in the bold text to get 5% deposit bonus AND 3 free cases!

if you're into roblox at all, . this website is for gambling robux. if you click that link and sign up you get a bonus.

Lastly, the free game money app (IOS ONLY).
1) go to the app store and search: Blitz - Win Cash.
2) make an account and go to settings in the top right.
3) find Add Referral Code.
4) type in pmuDP, you get $5 starting cash
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